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The Jets Draft Mark Sanchez’s Binkie

The NFL Draft ended Saturday, and the switch from a two-day format to a three-day one has turned the draft's final day into little more than a search for college quarterbacks whose names you might recognize and speculation as to who will be Mr. Irrelevant. (Some feller named Cheta Ozougwu.) You can read elsewhere about the men the Jets and Giants did in the later rounds; we honestly don't know who any of those people are. We want to talk about Mark Sanchez's bro dog.

In the seventh round, with the 227th pick, the Jets took Scotty McKnight, a wide receiver out of Colorado. Scotty McKnight has the scrappiest white-guy name in college football; to catch a five-yard pass over the middle and get leveled, we suspect, is going to soon be called "Scotty McKnighting." We mean, check out this guy. He started out as a walk-on. Of course he did.

It is no wonder, not in the slightest, that he happens to be Mark Sanchez's best friend.

Sanchez and McKnight met while attending the same elementary school in southern California. Later, they volunteered as ball boys at Santa Margarita High School while Carson Palmer(notes) was quarterback and stayed close despite attending different high schools.

Bros! BROS!!! Sanchez has a clubbing buddy: great.

Like Sanchez, McKnight has a dirty story from his past he'd like to go away: In high school, he wrote violent fantasies about murdering his teacher.

One of the entries McKnight and Tesoro teammate Sam Smith wrote referred to gluing the teacher naked to a wall, cutting off her feet and killing her family while she watched, according to court documents.

"I am planning on coming in your room late one night while you're still working," read one partial entry. "I will smother you in gasoline and light your head on fire ... "

Man, why couldn't the Jets have been on Hard Knocks this year?

Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Image