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jose reyes

Jose Reyes Is, Today, a Brooklyn Cyclone

All right, so it's 9 a.m. It's Monday, which means you probably have  more work to do this very second than you will at this time, say, Friday. But it's also July 18, which means you're not that busy. It's July! Everyone goes through the motions in July; half your office is surely on vacation, and the other half probably won't even show up until 10:30. Also, it's a beautiful day outside, hot, but not too muggy, not yet. It's early enough at this point that you could leave, you know. No one would notice. No one would mind. It wouldn't really matter. It's July.

We tempt you in this way because, if you hustle, you can go watch Jose Reyes play for the Brooklyn Cyclones today.

The Mets shortstop, who has been injured since before the All-Star break, is on a rehab assignment to test out his hamstring. He says he's ready to play again, but the Mets are off tomorrow, and he hasn't played since being hurt. So, with the team having a rare off day without having to travel, heck, while he's here, send him to Brooklyn. It's stressless, easy play, and, oh yeah, it might help out the box office a little bit.

Which means Luis Diaz, the poor Lowell Spinners starter who isn't even one of the Boston Red Sox's top 60 prospects, the guy who's just trying to figure out this short-season Class A minor league business, now has to face the man with the highest WAR in the National League.

If all goes well, Reyes will be back in the Mets' lineup Tuesday night for the start of a three-game series with the St. Louis Cardinals. But first, he'll be leading off for the Cyclones, at noon. Tickets, as of this typing, were still available, sixteen bucks for a field box. StubHub has 'em too, if that changes. You're gonna have to pay full price to see Reyes for the rest of the season — assuming he isn't traded, of course — but today, he's cheap, he's close, and he's eager to show off just how healthy he is. All you gotta do is leave work. So go, get. It's gorgeous out there.

Photo: Al Bello/2011 Getty Images