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Head Coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets during Training Camp at NY Jets Practice Facility on August 7, 2011.

East Rutherford Is Back in Business, Baby

Quick: What was the last NFL game played at Giants Stadium/New Meadowland Stadium/MetLife Stadium? Too late! It was the Jets' 38–7 thrashing of the Bills on January 2, thanks to the always-brilliant quarterbacking of Mark Brunell. At the time, you had to wonder, because of the lockout, when football would return there. Sunday, it does.

Because the big MetLife announcement won't be made until next week, it's possible that Sunday's Jets game against the Bengals and Monday's Giants game against the Bears will be the last games ever played at "New Meadowlands Stadium." That's a sad day. We hope everyone takes home a piece of the stadium and buys all sorts of memorabilia.

The games themselves don't matter because they're pre-season games, obviously, but news wise, Shonn Greene won't play for the Jets because of a "skin infection." (Gross.) But otherwise, the only major news item for the Jets are the already tiresome "who's an elite quarterback and who isn't?" discussions involving Mark Sanchez. Even with the compressed off-season, it's nice to know the NFL remains so unmatched at nonsense storylines.

Anyway, there is pro football in the area this weekend! Finally! Needless to say: There are LOTS of tickets remaining. Last game at the New Meadowlands. Never forget.

Photo: Al Pereira/Getty Images