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metlife stadium

People, Please Don’t Bring Tasers to Games

It's a pretty thankless job to be a security checker at a sporting event. You have to search the purse and satchel of about 50,000 people. Everyone you run the metal detector over rolls their eyes and just can't believe they have to go through this rigmarole. When it rains, you have to just sit out there and take it. When people get drunk and rowdy, they feel like they can punch you because you're not a real cop. And the pay stinks. It's just a rough job. And then, if someone happens to sneak in a stun gun, the world acts like it's your fault.

A.J. Daulerio over at Deadspin had the video first Sunday night, and even though the video is nearly impossible to decipher, you can tell that someone has a Taser that they're not supposed to have. (In case you needed some background here: You can't bring stun guns into sporting events. Please do not try.) ESPN New York tracked down the Tasing fan, who was arrested. He was a Cowboys fan, and his son has no idea why his dad would bring a stun gun to a game. But he says it was Jets fans who started it.

While he was at the game, McKelvey said that his father, a cousin, and his father's girlfriend were in the stands wearing their Cowboys gear after tailgating for most of the afternoon. When his father didn't stand for part of the opening ceremony, McKelvey said Jets fans started heckling the group. "Where was security in the stadium?" McKelvey said.

See, there's the security people again: their fault! In the occasional chaos of a sporting event, fans turn to security as both part of the problem and the whole solution. Poor Paul Blart. We could solve this problem if, you know, people didn't bring stun guns into the stadium. That seems a fair part of the bargain, no? We can do that, right?

Photo: iStockphoto