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2012 winter classic

Has the Rangers’ Winter Classic Jersey Leaked?

With Sean Avery up in Hartford and thus not around to leak any photos, we'd been wondering if the Rangers' Winter Classic jersey would be revealed on the Internet before the team could officially unveil it. Over the last few months, more than one fake design has emerged, so the one published yesterday by Philadelphia Sports Daily may be nothing more than that — another design that looks like something they might wear, but isn't the actual jersey.

For what it's worth, Philadelphia Sports Daily says that "multiple sources" indicated that the Flyers jersey they also pictured is the one they'll be wearing on January 2. But even that's not definite. From the post:

Because it had been so long since they saw it, the sources were not able to 100-percent confirm that this is the actual design, but they indicated that these threads are likely to be what will be announced as the official jerseys.

The site also said there's no word on whether the Rangers jersey is legit. And here's something else to put its legitimacy in doubt:

DC Visual Arts is the company that came up with the design. They are, however, the same company that came up with the concept that was produced and purchased by many fans, but Philly Sports Daily can confirm that those are false.

We'll also note two things that jumped out at us: The Winter Classic–specific Rangers logo isn't quite the same one that the team unveiled when the game was officially announced. Compare pointed indentations at the top of logo they unveiled to the rounded ones in the logo on the jersey pictured above. Also, the Rangers tend to wear patches on the shoulder — see here, here, here, and here — but perhaps without the diagonal lettering, that would change in this case. (It also wouldn't be the first time they'd worn a patch elsewhere.)

The jersey appears to be based on the 1946-47 design — the only one until the seventies that didn't include the team's name spelled diagonally across the front of the jersey. (The shape of the logo on the jersey is the same as the one they one they used that year, but with a different font. But like we said, they're both different than the one the Rangers are already using to promote the game.)

It would make a certain degree of sense to use that 1946-47 design — the Rangers jersey hasn't changed much over the years, so the only other drastically different design to base it on is the one they used for two seasons back in the seventies — but forgive us if we're a little skeptical of this current leak.