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Mets Officially Announce Citi Field Dimension Changes

Sure, we've known this announcement was coming for some time, but the Mets finally unveiled Citi Field's new dimensions today, all in hopes of changing the stadium from a pitcher-friendly park to something a bit more neutral. The specifics:

• The distance to the fence will be shortened by as much as twelve feet. A new fence will be added in front of the current wall in left field, and areas in right field and right-center field will be affected as well. That includes the notch for the Mo's Zone in right field, which looks like it won't be completely eliminated, but won't be quite as deep as it had been.

• The fences will be lowered to eight feet throughout the outfield.

• In a more cosmetic change, the color of the fencing will change from black to blue.

• About 100 seats will be added in the gap between the new fence in left field and the old one, and there will a picnic area in the part of the Mo's Zone that used to be in play.

So all of that — well, the part about the distance and height of the fences, at least — should be good news for right-handed hitters like David Wright and Jason Bay. (How the color of the fence will affect them is unknown. Get on that, Hit Tracker!)

You can see more images related to new dimensions here, or just watch SNY's video slideshow, embedded below.