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Everyone Just Relax About the Jets

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 9:  The bench of the New York Jets reacts in the final moments of a game with New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on October 9, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Everyone is freaking out about the Jets right now, and with good reason: With their 30-21 loss to the Patriots yesterday, the Jets have lost three in a row and are now 2-3 and two games behind both the Patriots and the Bills. (The Bills!) Their wide receivers are reportedly complaining about the offensive coordinator. The whole enterprise is in danger. The Jets look vulnerable. But perhaps a look on the bright side is in order?

Before one of the tabs starts doing a "GIT OUT OF TOWN REXY!" cover based off some weird online poll, three reasons Jets fans should not be despairing right now.

1. They didn't look too bad yesterday. The score makes it look like the Jets were moderately blown out, but they weren't: If they'd had one third down stop late, they'd have had a chance to drive for the win. Shonn Greene looked better too; the real problem was a slow start for the offense. The defense had its problems, but everyone's defense has problems against the Patriots. If anything, yesterday's loss was a game-calling one; it was not Brian Schottenheimer's best day. Still, fact is: The Jets had a real chance to win on the road against New England, and that's impressive whether you're 2-2 or 15-0. The Raiders and Ravens losses were demoralizing. You could see the Jets slowly starting to pull it together yesterday. You could see the team they're supposed to be.  

2. That was a really tough road trip. Sure, the Jets went 0-3 on the road, but they weren't playing losers and dopes. The Raiders, the Ravens, and the Patriots are all playoff contenders. It's highly unusual for an NFL team to play three straight road games, and downright rare for a team to play three winning teams on the road. It's never good to lose three in a row, obviously, but it would have been far worse had they lost to the Dolphins, Cardinals, and Rams.

3. It does get slightly easier now. Here are the Jets' games the rest of the season: Miami (next week), San Diego, BYE, at Buffalo, New England, at Denver, Buffalo, at Washington, Kansas City, at Philadelphia, NY Giants, at Miami. The best teams there (San Diego, New England) are at home, if you think Philadelphia might be completely dead by then. Heck, if they can figure out a way to win at Buffalo, and then hold serve at home, they might not lose. All right, so that's a bit much, but there are eleven winnable games left on the Jets' schedule. Or, more to the point: Eleven games that shouldn't be any tougher than the last three were. The season is still so young. Everybody chill.

Photo: Jim Rogash/2011 Getty Images