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Counting the Fake Winter Classic Jerseys at MSG

We were amazed on opening night how many Rangers fans were wearing fake Winter Classic jerseys. To repeat what we wrote the next day, it wasn't so much that folks would buy bootleg items (not that we'd condone such a thing anyway), but that they would buy bootleg items that won't necessarily look anything like the real thing. Remember: The Winter Classic jersey design hasn't been unveiled yet, and the ones you see around the Garden these days are based on images floating around the Internet. (There are two slightly different versions — one with a white collar and one with a red collar. You'll note that neither uses the real Winter Classic logo.) Anyway, we encountered a handful of fans wearing these jerseys on opening night, and one blogger wrote that he counted between ten and twenty people wearing them. But how many were there in total? To find out, we'd need a snapshot of the entire seating bowl. Luckily, such a thing exists.

And so last night — while Seth ate sushi and Will watched his video game play itself — we counted, as best we could, the fake Winter Classic jerseys in the giant, interactive photo posted on the Rangers' website. (A side note: This NBA lockout needs to end now.) Our totally unofficial tally: eighteen fake jerseys. And considering you can't see what a lot of people are wearing on the side of the rink where the camera is located, the real number is probably closer to twenty. The photo is property of the Rangers, so we won't post the images here. But it shouldn't be hard to spot a lot of them, particularly if you scan the 400-level.

By the way, if you're bored today, see if you can spot Adam Graves (up in the suites) and Paulie Walnuts (about half a dozen rows up from the penalty boxes). Neither of them, thankfully, was wearing a fake jersey.