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nba simulation 2011-12

The Faux-Knicks Really Miss Carmelo Anthony

As previously established, The Sports Section is dealing with the (never going to end) NBA lockout by simulating the Knicks season on NBA2K12 for PlayStation 3 and posting the results here, as if they were actual games. So! The Knicks finally won their first game without the injured Carmelo Anthony on Sunday, but last night fell to the Kings, 89-83, in Sacramento. Virtual Amar'e Stoudemire had 26 points, while virtual Chauncey Billups had 17. The defeat drops the Knicks' record to 4-7, and they're a pitiful 1-5 in six games without video-game Carmelo.

As always, here's a short video from the game, shot by Will off his television, using his iPhone. Enjoy.

Photo: Will Leitch, off his television