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nba simulation 2011-12

Virtual Knicks Win ... but Lose Carmelo

As we explained last week, we are dealing with the (never going to end) NBA lockout by simulating the Knicks season on NBA2K12 on our PlayStation 3 and posting the results here, as if they were actual games. So! Last night the Knicks were supposed to play in Atlanta in their fifth game of the season. And it's time for the old good news–bad news lede. First, the good: The Knicks pulled off a terrific 95-91 win, thanks to nineteen points and fifteen rebounds by Amar'e Stoudemire and an excellent fourth-quarter comeback, capped off by a Bill Walker three-pointer with twenty seconds left to give the Knicks a four-point lead. The win puts the fake Knicks at 3-2 on the season. Now, the double-plus ungood news: In the third quarter, virtual Carmelo Anthony went down with an injury; video game Carmelo looks so helpless when he's hurt. After the game, sideline reporter Doris Burke came back with the diagnosis: A sprained ankle that will keep him out two to four weeks. Which means now we have to watch our video game play itself with Derrick Brown in the lineup rather than Carmelo Anthony. The virtual Knicks just can't catch a break! We'll be back Monday with a report from Saturday's Carmelo-less home game against the Pacers.

As always, here's a short video from the Hawks game, shot poorly off our television by our iPhone.

Photo: Will Leitch, off his television