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This Guy Assaulted Some Rangers Fans, Then Outed Himself on Facebook

Okay, here's what happened. Reports (and video) surfaced a couple of days ago about a group of Flyers fans who assaulted two Rangers fans in an altercation in front of Geno's Steaks following the Winter Classic. The victims, we later learned, were a New Jersey police officer and his son, the former of whom required a hospital visit. Broad Street Hockey, a Flyers blog, posted about the incident, then linked to the post on their Facebook page. The goal, of course, was to broadcast the footage so that somebody might identify the assailants and permit the authorities to find them and punish them appropriately. 

As it turns out, one of the assailants appears to have gone ahead and cut out the middleman. You should really go read this whole post and its comments for the full story and screenshots, but basically, this guy is a fool. An individual named Edward Neary posted the following comment on BSH's Facebook post:

it was me and my friends do somethin about it u fagits

Edward: (1) You misspelled "fajita." (2) That was probably kind of dumb of you if you're not the type of person who likes getting arrested. If you read the full post, you'll see that our antagonist went on to post more incoherent bluster, then changed tactics and started implicating his friends. (And if you keep reading, you can see their responses. This is some seriously impressive Facebook detective work by the BSH community.)

Anyway, Neary or whoever committed the assault will hopefully be brought to justice. Just a reminder to those of you reading this: Please do not assault one another. It's unkind. However, if you do decide to commit an assault, definitely report your crimes on Facebook to make things easier for the people trying to find and apprehend you.