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COLLEGE PARK, MD - DECEMBER 14:  Head coach Isiah Thomas of the Florida International Golden Panthers watches the game against the Maryland Terrapins at the Comcast Center on December 14, 2011 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images)

isiah is immortal

Well, Well, Look Who Has Himself a Damn Opinion on the Knicks

He lurks in the distance, away but not far enough, bathed in shadows, salivating, panting, waiting ... oh, how he waits for his return. He knows you think you have defeated him, that he has been vanquished at last, but he never goes away, never cedes, never gives up. You think it is over. You think your pain is ending. But he will return. He will always return. He is always watching.

The Knicks are 2-4, and that's bad, but that's not nearly as bad as the result: Isiah Thomas is now talking about what the Knicks should do. Yep. Isiah Thomas is second-guessing the Knicks' personnel moves. Just let that sink in for a second.

Isiah doesn't think the Knicks should have signed Tyson Chandler, specifically.

Conveniently appearing on the Sid Rosenberg Show on Miami radio yesterday following the Knicks’ 2-4 start, Thomas questioned Glen Grunwald’s acquisition of Chandler, which forced the team to cut Chauncey Billups to get under the salary cap. Thomas said the NBA has become a guard’s league, and the Knicks cannot win solely with a star-powered frontcourt of Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. The Chandler commitment cost them a shot at point guard Chris Paul with next summer’s salary cap space, and Paul was subsequently dealt to the Clippers.


“The guard play right now in the NBA is off the charts,’’ Thomas said. “Losing Chauncey, I thought he brought a veteran leadership to the team. His savviness and guard play has always been severely undervalued. Detroit found that out when they let Chauncey go. I think there was a certain amount of leadership to what he brought to [the Knicks] last year.’’

Now, clearly, the Knicks' guard play needs dramatic improvement, we can all agree. But: 1) We are six games in, 2) Baron Davis should help solve a lot of these problems, 3) Iman Shumpert is bubbling with potential, 4) Current roster aside, it is easier to find adequate guards than it is to find a Tyson Chandler, 5) Shut up, Isiah Thomas.

It is not known, off the air, whether or not Thomas said the best way to fix the Knicks was to "pay Jared Jeffries more."

Also, shut up, Isiah Thomas.

Photo: G Fiume//Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images