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Listen to Mike and the Mad Dog Reunite for Fifteen Minutes

It's been more than three years since Chris "Mad Dog" Russo left WFAN for satellite radio, and more than two years since he briefly reunited with longtime co-host Mike Francesa for an on-air chat during the 2009 ALCS. But with both men in Indianapolis for this year's Super Bowl, Russo stopped by Francesa's spot on Radio Row and spent fifteen minutes chatting about everything from this Sunday's game to the San Francisco Giants to the Oscars to the basketball skills of Chris's son, Timmy.

At one point, after laughing hysterically at some Bob Raissman–related humor, Russo exclaimed, "This is like old times! I'll stay for five hours!" That didn't actually happen: He only stayed for about fifteen minutes, making sure give Francesa a hug before leaving the set. But he's right that it really was like old times. All that was missing was a spirited round of "Guess the TV Ratings of Various Sporting Events." See the video, below.