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new york boars

Five New Yorkers Are Looking to Three-Peat As World Pond Hockey Champions

People play Ice-Hockey on a frozen pond in Prague on February 6, 2012. Meteorologists this morning measured minus 39.4 degrees Celsius, the coldest temperature of this winter, in Kvilda village, in the South Bohemian Sumava mountains.  AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK (Photo credit should read MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images)

Did you know that the World Pond Hockey Championship takes place this time every year in New Brunswick, Canada? You did? Okay. Did you know that one of the best teams involved is the New York Boars, a group of five investment banker friends who've been competing around here since 1995? Did you know they've won the last two championships and are looking to grab a third? You knew all that, too? All right, you're pretty well informed. Still, this piece on the Boars by Dave Handschuh of the Daily News is well worth a look.

The Boars' quest for a three-peat begins today and gets increasingly difficult as the weekend progresses:

The guys from New York are ready for an uphill battle as they seek their trifecta this week in Plaster Rock. They'll play one game Thursday, two each day on Friday and Saturday and five on Sunday.

"It's not an endurance sport until Sunday," said Malley, "which is just exhausting."

Uh, yeah. Five 30-minute-long four-on-four ice hockey games on the final day of an all-hockey long weekend sounds more than a little grueling. Thankfully, it sounds as if the defending champs will be in pleasant circumstances. The whole event just sounds like the quaintest, coziest thing imaginable (aside from the temperatures). Volunteers from all over the area help maintain the playing conditions. Players customarily exchange small regional gifts after their games. There's a big opening ceremony with flags and little kids on skates. Our Boars, meanwhile, will spend the weekend with a local family that houses and feeds them each year for a couple hundred bucks apiece. It's just a warm, fuzzy scene to imagine (though, again, not actually all that warm).

Anyway, before you turn your attention from the victorious Giants to the playoff prospects of the Rangers or Knicks (What? Don't laugh), you might consider keeping tabs on the Boars. They seem to be one of the truest sports dynasties New York has going right now, and they could add a third trophy to the case by week's end.