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mega millions

There’s a Small Chance That the Future Mega Millions Winner Will Honor Tim Tebow

Everybody's very worked up about the Mega Millions lottery — and for good reason. The jackpot swelled to $640 million overnight, which seems like a lot of dollars. Folks everywhere have opened up about what they'd do if they hit the jackpot, and at least one ticket-buyer has plans to pay tribute to the Jets' own Tim Tebow if he wins:

Everett Eahmer, 80, of St. Paul, Minn., said he's been playing the lottery "since the beginning."

"If I win, the first thing I'm going to do is buy a (Tim) Tebow football shirt, and I'm going to do the Tebow pose," said Eahmer, who bought five tickets Thursday. "I'm with him in honoring a higher power."

Well, assuming Mr. Eahmer means a jersey, he'll have to be careful about which brand of jersey he purchases. Either way, not much to withdraw from the $640 million payout. Then again, maybe a "Tebow football shirt" is a shirt made out of footballs that Tim Tebow has thrown. That'd be the more lottery-winner-appropriate purchase, if you ask me. Anyway, with five tickets, Mr. Eahmer's chances of winning are about five in 176,000,000. Not the most probable of events, but if Tebow's good for one thing, it's unlikely outcomes.

Photo: Reebok