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new orleans saints

The Saints Are Out a Coach and More

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 25:  DeMaurice Smith (L)  executive director of the National Football League Players' Association and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (R) address the the media on July 25, 2011 in Washington, DC.  The NFL players and owners announced they have reached agreement and ended the lockout.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

By the way, we know you're busy being baffled as to what the Jets are doing out buying a Tim Tebow jersey right now, but no matter your thoughts about the Jets' trade, just be happy you're not a Saints fan right now. Thanks to that whole "try to hurt players for extra cash" program the Saints had running, the NFL has suspended coach Sean Payton for a year and now-Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams "indefinitely." There were a horde of other punishments too. Strong arguments have been made that this is more a PR offensive by commissioner Roger Goodell than something's that is going to make a difference, but that doesn't do the Saints any good right now. By the way, the last guy to be suspended "indefinitely" by the NFL? Sal Alosi, the Jets coach who tripped a Dolphin on the sideline. (A Dolphin player, not the mammal dolphin.)

Photo: Rob Carr/2011 Getty Images