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The Brooklyn Nets Now Have a Look

So, the leaked logo you may have glimpsed a few days ago turned out to be the real deal. CEO Brett Yormark and the Nets held an event this morning to reveal the full Brooklynification of the franchise. They've got a new website, a new promotional video, a rather chatty new Twitter account, all sorts of new merchandise, and of course, new logos and colors. The colors are simple: black and white, making Brooklyn the only truly monochromatic team in the NBA. The logos, designed with input from Mr. Jay-Z, are twofold: the "shield" emblem seen above and this rather straightforward circular "B" logo, which will appear at center court in the new Barclays Center.

The logos are certainly very clean and simple, sort of elegantly plain. They also look kind of like someone left all the default settings in the logo software, typed in "Brooklyn," and hit print. They don't really communicate "Brooklyn" or "Nets" or anything, really, except for "basketball." This is all coming from a disgruntled Knicks fan (another New York franchise with an awfully generic "here is a basketball" logo), though, so don't mind me.

The next big step in the team branding — releasing the uniforms — is set for September. The jersey will say "Brooklyn" (as opposed to "Nets," which had been the look in recent years) on the front, and the shorts will include that shield logo.

Lookin' good, Nets! Now it's just a matter of finding some more guys to wear those jerseys.