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2012 knicks playoff preview

Our PS3 Says the Heat in Five

Okay, so it's been a while, but the NBA2K12 video game simulations have returned, just in time for the playoffs. Because we didn't know who the Knicks would play until last night, we actually also simulated series with the Bulls and Pacers. The Knicks lost to those teams, in six and seven games, respectively. The Heat: The Knicks went down in five. Miami took a 3-0 series lead, so it's to the Knicks' credit that they salvaged a Game 4, thanks to 46 points from Carmelo Anthony. But LeBron and company were too much; the series' quiet hero was Shane Battier, who hit three fourth-quarter three-pointers in Game 5 to secure the series. But, hey — at least the Knicks got their first playoff win in eleven years? That's something? Anyway, after the jump, some video "highlights."

We always love how they call the Garden "New York Arena" on video games. That has to be Dolan–related. Also, look for the cameo from our finger.