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Rest Assured, You’ll Be Seeing Lots of Tebow

The primary criticism of the Jets' still-jarring decision to trade for Tim Tebow was what it would mean for Mark Sanchez. The Jets had just given Sanchez a big contract extension and had brought in an offensive coordinator (former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano), who was putting a whole system in place built around Sanchez. Bringing in Tebow seemed to undermine that; it seemed to be a move by a team that didn't have a plan after all, that was just sort of lurching from one shiny object to another. The Jets insisted that Sanchez was their quarterback, that Tebow would just be a weapon, not the leader of the offense. They're still insisting this.

According to ESPN New York, the Jets are so insistent that Sanchez is their quarterback and Tebow is something other than their quarterback that they're essentially planning on creating two different teams. Rex Ryan has said that the Jets will run "twenty" plays or so with Tebow, even though Sparano has typically only run about three and seven-tenths wildcat plays a game. But what it appears the Jets are doing now is basically playing Tebow everywhere.

So he'll have a few wildcat plays. (At this point we must submit our regular reminder that the average wildcat play is not any sort of different formation and simply "a different guy at quarterback than is usually there.") He'll line up at fullback. He'll play running back and H-back occasionally. He'll even, frighteningly, be a "personal protector" on the punt team. We are not sure what that means, but it sounds tough?

The key to it all is no matter what's going on with the personnel, the Jets are gonna run the ball like crazy. "Ground and pound," they're calling it. Thus, Tebow, in Jets' parlance, isn't a quarterback at all. He's just another cog in the running game.

Of course, he's still listed as the No. 2 quarterback, so the Jets haven't entirely given up that ghost. Which we suppose makes sense. The Jets are saying over and over that they are devoted to the running game, no matter what happens. That'll come in handy if they have to bring in their No. 2 quarterback, a guy who can't throw.

Photo-Illustration: Nick Laham/Getty Images, Jim Rogash/Getty Images,Nick Laham