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Jim Dolan Knows Mike Woodson Wants This Job

Head coach Mike Woodson of the Atlanta Hawks gives instructions to his team.

So, the first question the Knicks will resolve this off-season, something that should probably be taken care of before the Pacers-Heat series is over — which could be in a week — is who their coach is going to be. Thus, the first decision that must be made is whether or not to bring back interim coach Mike Woodson. It appears this issue is being resolved in a very Jim Dolan way.

Here's the deal: Apparently, as a condition for allowing Woodson to stay on as coach of the Knicks this season (which is far from official or nailed down, by the way), Jim Dolan asked Woodson to fire his agent.

As first reported by the Daily News, Woodson dumped agent Joe Glass last week after Dolan suggested it during contract negotiations. Glass, 87, had been Woodson’s agent for five years and also represented former Knicks and current SMU head coach Larry Brown, who had a contentious divorce with the Knicks. “Hey, Mike deserves the job,” Keith Glass, Joe’s son, told “I’m trying to take the high road and I won’t be asking the Garden for directions.”

You know, that is a negotiation tactic that management, in all fields, perhaps does not try often enough.

Management: We propose X.
Labor representative: We propose Y.
Management: Fire this guy.
Labor: Eh?
Management: Fire this guy, or this conversation is over.
Labor: Uh, okay?
Management: We propose X.
Labor: X is fine.
Management: Great, now let's go see my band play at B.B. King's again.

Sort of amazingly, Woodson went along with this and is reportedly likely to sign with Creative Artists Agency, which represents Carmelo Anthony, in case you were wondering. That back-and-forth slobbering you're seeing is a dog being wagged by its tail.

Woodson still hasn't officially been offered the job, which means there's still the possibility of a run at Phil Jackson. One would advise Dolan — if he gives Phil a call — to not try the "fire your agent, and we'll talk" gambit.

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images