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2012 nba playoffs

You’d Totally Hate Heat Fans, If There Were Any

The above screenshot is from the Miami Heat's official website at roughly 6 p.m. last evening. You will note the legend below that ranks, through color shadings, "no availability" to "high availability." You'll also note the large swaths of the stadium ranked as the third-darkest color, the sections in which there are plenty of good seats available. Lastly, you will note that this is Game 5 in the NBA Playoffs. Florida, as always, deserves nothing good it has.

This got us to thinking: If you live in New York City, would it be cheaper for you to go to Game 5 of this series in Miami than it would be for a theoretical Game 6 at the Garden? Let's take a look.

A single seat in the 300 level of the Garden for Game 6 off StubHub — the game is, of course, already sold out — costs, this morning, $375, plus about 45 bucks in fees. Needless to say, if the Knicks actually win Game 5, the price of that ticket will go up considerably; let's be extremely generous and say it goes up another $150. So, a single Game 6 ticket in Section 310, Row N would run you roughly $570.

How about Game 5 in Miami? Section 309, Row 11, Seat 20 at American Airlines Arena, roughly the equivalent seat at the Heat's arena, if you bought a ticket there directly from the team (and we're being very nice to Miami here; some seats are going for less on StubHub this morning than they are on the official team site, but we're gonna assume face value, anyway), is $118.20, counting fees. But, of course, you have to get yourself to Miami. You're in luck: There's an American Airlines flight going out of JFK at 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday that gets you to Miami an hour before tip-off and then brings you back at 7 a.m. the next morning (which means you cut out the hotel costs) for $187. Even if you decide you want a hotel, you can stay at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami for $169. Add in $30 in cab fares or so, and your grand total is: $504.20. Though we'd recommend you grab that flight fast: The next cheapest flight is 100 bucks more, so if it sells out, you'll go slightly more than your Garden budget to get the next one, though you can all-night it at the airport and more than make up the difference. And that's assuming we haven't overshot it with our Game 6 Garden price estimate anyway.

The Heat are likely going to win this series, and their fans, if you can find them, will be happy. But for all those people who claim that the Knicks are this overhyped team, that the Knicks' fan base is louder than a No. 7 seed team would warrant ... just show them this post. There is so little demand for a playoff game in Miami, compared to the mania here, that it is literally cheaper to fly to Miami for Game 5 than it is to buy a ticket for a Game 6 at the Garden.

If the Heat win tomorrow, you now have yet another reason to cheer against them in the next round.