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Donnie Walsh Returns to Indiana

Just happy not to have to pretend to listen to Isiah anymore.

So, remember just more than a year ago when Donnie Walsh announced he'd forgo the final year of his contract with the Knicks and step down? He said he was tired and ready to retire; he "just [didn't] have the energy for it anymore." Well, the year off must have been awfully refreshing because he's returning to his old position with the Indiana Pacers, taking over for Larry Bird, who is retiring himself. (Uh, don't expect Larry to take over as G.M. of the Knicks.) Many speculated that Walsh was leaving the Garden because of Jim Dolan reasserting control after Walsh cleaned up the mess Dolan and Isiah Thomas made in the first place. Walsh claimed otherwise, saying he was leaving for normal old-person reasons, and no one believed him. It now seems like they were right to. We ended our last piece about Walsh's exit saying, "Jim Dolan now has unfettered, unquestioned control of everything that happens with the New York Knicks. Be afraid, everyone. Be very afraid." Walsh returning to the game at the earliest possible opportunity doesn't do much to make us think we were wrong with that.

Photo: Mike Stobe/2008 Getty Images