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The Nets Now Have Seven Players on Their Team (Sorta)

One of the more amusing aspects of the Brooklyn Nets' public relations push leading up to the opening of the Barclays Center in late September is the fact that they are essentially selling nothing right now. Before last night's NBA Draft, the Nets had exactly four players under contract for the 2012-13 season. When you see that black-and-white shield with the "B" on it, when you see the television advertisements, when you walk past the Atlantic Yards and see how close they are to getting that thing finished, know that it all is essentially, at this point, for Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Marshon Brooks and Jordan Williams. Get excited!

Last night at the Draft, the Nets did what they could to fill the roster, albeit perhaps the 2015-16 roster. Even though they came into the Draft with just one pick, they finagled their way to three picks (buying picks from Portland and Philadelphia): Warm bodies. Their picks: Kansas point guard Tyshawn Taylor, Toko Shengalia from Georgia (not the Peach Georgia) and Ilkan Karaman from Turkey.

Not only is Taylor the only one of those three you've ever heard of, he's almost assuredly the only one who will be on the team next year. Like the Knicks with that feller from Greece, the Nets plan on stashing the other two guys in Euro leagues until they're ready for them in a couple of years. We could get into a big breakdown of them right now, but honestly, why bother? We have two years, at least, to get to those guys.

Let's talk about Taylor, who, uh, right now is the team's starting point guard! (Hello, Deron!) He helped lead the Jayhawks to the national championship game and was actually a third-team All-American, but his decision-making skills have been questioned in the past and he's a better athlete right now than he is a shooter or ballhandler. But the Nets can work with that. Still, if Deron Williams signs, the Nets are likely to bring in a veteran backup (assuming Jordan Farmar declines his option this weekend), which wouldn't leave much room for Taylor. But he'll play in the summer league, and maybe he'll end up a second-round standout, much like Landry Fields was for the Knicks a couple of years ago.

Otherwise, the Nets' attempts to trade into the first-round proved fruitless, which GM Billy King said was fine: They just didn't find the right deal. So now the Nets will go back to their offices, which are officially in Metrotech but for the next week are probably across the street from Deron Williams' house. Free agency starts this weekend. Nothing the Nets do until the Williams matter is settled is really all that important. But welcome, Tyshawn (and Toko and Ilkan!).

Photo: Jeff Gross/2012 Getty Images