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Steve Nash Isn’t Coming to the Knicks, People


Any time any athlete who doesn't play for a team in the New York City area ever shows up at some sort of promotional or charitable event in town, some reporter asks them if they'd like to play in the city someday. Because any athlete hired for promotional or charitable work is not a drooling idiot, they say, "Yeah, sure!" The alternative, after all, would be "This cesspool? What, are you effing crazy? You people are morons for living here. Also, have you seen the type of people who take the 7 train? Hey, is this mic still on?" Anyway, point is, Steve Nash saying yesterday that he would "definitely consider" the Knicks has the news value of a slice of wheat toast. Considering the Knicks' salary-cap situation — they could only offer the veteran's minimum, and that's only if they don't bring back Jeremy Lin or Steve Novak — if Nash decided to take dramatically less money (and have less chance of a title) to join the Knicks, it would be yet another piece of charitable work from Nash, only this time to Jim Dolan. Nash isn't coming. Sorry. His yearly soccer game in town should be as fun as ever, though.

Photo-Illustration: Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images