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brooklyn cyclones

Your Brooklyn Cyclones Season Begins Tonight

UNITED STATES - JUNE 19:  Keyspan Park, the new stadium of the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Class A minor league affiliate of the New York Mets, at Coney Island.  (Photo by Pat Carroll/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

If you're like us, one of the many pleasures of New York City in the summer is hopping down to Coney Island for a Cyclone spin and a Cyclones game. (Because we have air-conditioning and no sense of smell, we find summer in New York City to be unequivocally perfect.) Tonight, the Brooklyn Cyclones season begins with a home game against the Staten Island Yankees. (Oh yeah, their season starts tonight, too.) The season runs to September 5, which will be just about a month before the Barclays Center opens and adds another team to the slate of professional sports teams in Brooklyn. If you care about the players for the Cyclones, you'll note that 2011 Mets first-round pick Brandon Nimmo is the Cyclones' starting center fielder, but on the whole, the only thing that matters is that the tickets are cheap, the beer is cold, the Cyclone hasn't broken down yet, and summer is now officially here.

Photo: Pat Carroll/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images