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Someone Had Some Fun With the Wikipedia Page of Jim Dolan’s Band

So, Jeremy Lin is off to Houston, and Jim Dolan's not a popular guy today. Well, Jim Dolan's not a popular guy any day, but lots of folks are especially unhappy with him today. It was Dolan who ultimately made the decision not to match the Rockets' offer sheet, and at some point in the past 24 hours, a merry prankster made some revisions to the Wikipedia page for Dolan's band, JD & the Straight Shot.

Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal spotted — and With Leather took a screen cap of — the changes to the part of the page that lists all the songs on all the band's releases. They're fixed now, but at one point today, more than a few Jeremy Lin mentions found their way into the song titles. Via With Leather:

Our favorite is the change to the song "Double My Order," which became "Double My Order of Aging Point Guards." The all-too-real title "Fix the Knicks," meanwhile, required no changes.

Photo: Joe DeLessio