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nfl network

Cablevision Will Carry the NFL Network

The NFL Network's been around since 2006, but it's still not available in millions of homes that subscribe to cable. It's been a total bummer, but here's some good news: Starting today, Cablevision will begin offering both the NFL Network and the NFL RedZone channel. (Via the Times, the NFL Network will be located on channel 150 to subscribers of Cablevision’s iO Preferred, Silver, and Gold packages, and it'll be available on iO’s sports and entertainment tier for $6.95 a month.)

So what was the hold up? Well, back in 2006, Jim Dolan — who, among other things, is Cablevision's chief executive — said that the the cable provider would carry the network if they could also offer the NFL Sunday Ticket package. But Sunday Ticket is the exclusive property of DirecTV, meaning that wasn't possible, and only now has Cablevision changed its mind. So, today's a great day for football fans who subscribe to cable — except for the ones who have Time Warner. They're still shit out of luck. Said the NFL Network's president, about Time Warner: "Unfortunately, we’re nowhere with them,” adding, “We’ve had no productive conversations with them in months.”

Photo: NFL Network