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Deadspin’s Anonymous PR Sports Guy Is Pretty Great

Over at Deadspin yesterday — full disclosure: We founded Deadspin in 2005. Do we have to do this every time? — their "Anonymous PR Guy," who had already penned a couple of fascinating columns, took part in a full-bore extended chat using Gawker Media's Kinja discussion system that no one really understands on a daily basis but is perfect for chats like this. There's so much good stuff in there that you really must read the whole thing, but we're gonna pick out the best parts because it's mid-August and we're filling news holes here.

Of all the great stuff — and seriously, read the whole thing — here are our five favorite tidbits. We hope these tidbits will inspire you to read the whole thing.


Q: Who's the biggest prick you have ever encountered, and why?

A 19 year-old LeBron James, but that's almost an unfair assessment of him. And Lance Armstrong.


Q: What percentage of pro athletes are doing coke on the reg? do they ask you to get that shit for them?

I will never buy drugs for an athlete, but have been asked. Just hookers :) I'd say depends on the sport. I think NFL and UFC cocaine can be widespread.


Q: How many times have you set your clients up to have sex?

More times than I've had sex.


Q: How has High school recruiting changed the way you do your job?

None. I don't go after college kids. Too many scumbags and sleazeballs to compete with. But I will say — high school sports are dirtier than pro sports, both from a money and a steroid-usage level.


Q: Has your view of women or humanity changed as a result of your experiences?  I think I'd have a hard time trusting anyone in a relationship if I'd seen what you've seen.

Actually it has. I will never date a woman who is friends with a pro athlete. Most often it means they have, and possibly still do, slept with them. However, the men are just as much to blame there, so let's not put it all on women.

The whole thing is worth reading, not because this PR person is so obviously a great guy but because he's so forthright anonymously while presumably so full of bunk in his professional life. We are just going to pretend every PR person we deal with from now on is actually this guy.

Photo: Franck Camhi/iStockphoto