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ewing athletics

Ewing Athletics Is Making a Comeback

Patrick Ewing didn't have much success this summer with that hunt for a head coaching position, and he's out of his old job in Orlando, but he'll be okay. Pat's got other stuff on his Pat-size plate. For example: Ewing Athletics, Pat's sneaker company of old, is all set to make a comeback. Starting Friday, Ewing's signature shoe brand will reawaken and reproduce some favorite early-nineties foot-hats.

According to the Darren Rovell article, Ewing's been too busy and — in the face of massive corporations like Nike — reluctant to step back into the independent shoe game (never stopped Stephon Marbury ... ). Given his recent unemployment, though, and the presence of a willing investor, Ewing was convinced to get back into an industry he'd missed since 1996.

The first release, of course, will be a new version of the classic 33 Hi, the strappy, chunky beasts Ewing wore during the 1990 season and arguably the most recognizable of the bunch. After that, it seems undecided which shoes will get remade, though you are invited to vote on the issue at the company's website.

Treat yourselves, nineties babies.

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images