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Jets Fight! Jets Fight!

Pretty much every local and national reporter — including us — has made it out to Jets camp at some point this summer, ostensibly to document a freak show that never happens. Everyone's hoping for something out of control to happen, Mark Sanchez just up and whacking Tim Tebow with his helmet or something, but mostly it's just a bunch of people in pads and shorts running fake routes against their teammates. Training camp isn't inherently exciting, we'll say that. But something exciting did happen yesterday: Fight! Fight! Everybody to the cafeteria, there's a fight!

It, alas, wasn't between Sanchez and Tebow, but it was still a fun little melee, involving twenty players piling up on the sideline. It started as a tussle between running back Joe McKnight and rookie safety D'Anton Lynn, whose father, it turns out, is the Jets' running back coach. It was somewhat close to fans watching the practice — which is why Rex Ryan jumped in and started pulling people off people — but most important, it knocked over advertising placards. Rich Cimini of ESPN New York was there and documented the whole thing.

Sanchez got all faux-offended by the fight, saying, "There's no excuse for it ... I don't like to see it." Tebow jumped in and tried to "make peace." Ryan, as always, was more fun about it.

Later Ryan said it wasn't even close to the nastiest fight he's ever seen. He said they had "way better ones" in 2009, his first year as coach.

Bless his heart, honestly. You're seeing some people try to turn this into another "Jets in chaos!" story, but this is just the sort of thing that happens when a bunch of young men competing for hard, physical, high-paying jobs run into each other repeatedly in the August heat. We are not clutching our pearls.

Still, though: Fight! Cool!

Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images