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Five Things We Love About This Video of David Cone Mocking John Sterling

Last night, during the fourth inning of the Yankees–Red Sox game, Cody Ross fouled a ball back toward the Fenway Park broadcast booths, giving David Cone (the Yankees' best announcer) a chance to break out an impression of John Sterling (the Yankees announcer who most fascinates this particular blogger). More important, a hero at clipped the video, so it could live forever on the Internet.

Everything about that video is wonderful, but these five things especially stood out:

1. Al Leiter's reaction to the ball heading in the general direction of the My9 booth: "Ooh, here we go, boys!"

2. John Sterling ducking for cover, which, to be fair, is exactly how we'd probably respond in such a situation.

3. Suzyn Waldman's patriotic vest, on the occasion of September 11. (You can get a better look here.)

4. David Cone's Sterling impression, obviously. "It is high, it is far, it is off my forehead." A couple of months back, we worked on a story for the magazine about the launch of WFAN and talked with a bunch of hosts who were with the station on day one. And on more than one occasion, when the topic of the great Steve Somers came up, whoever we were talking to would break into a Somers impression. (Jim Lampley had one, as did Howie Rose.) His manner of speaking is too distinctive not to. We think that's what's happening here. More Sterling impressions from the Yankees announcers, please!

5. Sterling comparing himself to Fred Astaire. Never change, John.

Photo: MLB