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there goes our hero

Fordham’s John Skelton Had a Rough Day

Poor John.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton, official athlete of The Sports Section and Fordham alum, got his first big Opening Day start yesterday. Yay! And then, well, everything went wrong. First off, he played terribly, particularly in the third quarter, in which he completed one pass and the Cardinals only notched one first down. Then, in the fourth quarter, he made a terrific pass when the Cardinals were trying to come back ... and he severely sprained his ankle, an injury that at first glance looked a lot worse. To cap it all off, Kevin Kolb, the man he beat out for the starting spot in the preseason, brought the Cardinals back to win in that fourth quarter once Skelton was out. So, Skelton played lousy, got hurt, and may have lost his starting job. Rough day. He's still our hero.

Photo: Norm Hall/Getty Images