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These could be them.

nets uniforms

Here’s Another Nets Uniform Leak

Our local teams have — perhaps deliberately — done a sloppy job of locking down their new uniforms prior to the release date. In the days and weeks leading up to their jersey reveal, bits of the Knicks' new look slipped into video-game screenshots and daytime television and such. The Nets, meanwhile, have a much more dramatic and exciting uniform reveal set for next Friday (the ribbon-cutting is this Friday). They, too, have seen leaks aplenty from video games, toys, and bootleggers. This most recent leak, found on Instagram by Nets Daily, appears more official than any we've seen so far. The look is clean and simple, which is to be expected, and lacks that white neckerchief design featured on some of the previous leaks (which, in my opinion, would be a massive improvement). Soon enough, we won't have to rely on blurry artistic renderings and Twitter photos.