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rasheed wallace

The Knicks Are Close to Signing Rasheed Wallace

Yep, this is really happening. We've been hearing for some time that the Knicks were considering adding 38-year-old, retired-for-two-years Rasheed Wallace to a roster already rife with old dudes. The word was that the Knicks were psyched and ready to offer a minimum contract and their last training camp roster spot to Wallace and were just waiting on Sheed to decide whether or not he felt like unretiring. As of this posting, a signing hasn't been made official, but Wallace underwent a physical Thursday and, according to Marc Berman's sources, told the Knicks today that he's onboard.

What does that mean for the Knicks? Probably very little, basketball-wise. Wallace is supposed to be in decent shape (at least relative to his postretirement self and his sluggish stint in Boston) but, even then, probably can't be relied upon to hit threes and play defense like he used to. Even if he can play, there won't be much room for him. With Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby around, New York's bench is pretty well stocked with big men nearing 40.

So, what's left? Well, there's a school of thought that suggests that having all these geezers around (Wallace would only be the fourth oldest Knick, incidentally) could help keep mercurial guys — relative youngsters — like Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith in check. Maybe. One can't be sure. What's more certain is that Rasheed Wallace is going to be pretty hilarious as a Knick, because he's pretty hilarious wherever he goes. Playing time or no playing time, he'll mouth off to referees, intimidate reporters, do something stupid whenever a camera's facing him, and just generally do 'Sheed stuff.

Why are the Knicks going to sign Rasheed Wallace? No idea. Mike Woodson is really into veterans and knows Wallace from their days together in Detroit, so there's that. Maybe the Knicks have seen something we haven't and think he's got something to give on the court. Maybe they want another old, wise guy in the locker room. Maybe they're just the Knicks and they make personnel decisions by throwing darts at mid-nineties draft boards. Whatever the case may be, this seems like a pretty sure thing. Welcome to the Knicks, Rasheed Wallace?