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Man, We Hope John Shurna Makes the Knicks

Yesterday afternoon, the Knicks signed rookie free agent John Shurna to a one-year, partially guaranteed contract. Shurna is definitely going to be in camp, competing for a roster position, and his contract is fully guaranteed if he's on the roster on January 10. The Times, rather kindly, one might say, compares him to Steve Novak "because of his height and shooting ability." (They're also both white guys.) The better parallel for Shurna is probably Andy Rautins; if Shurna makes the team, it'll be in the Rautins role, the guy who is there to shoot three-pointers and do nothing else. Every time we ever went to practice when Rautins was a Knick, he was always off in his own corner of the gym shooting threes while the rest of time was practicing, like he was a kicker in football.

Anyway, we've been watching Shurna for the last four years at Northwestern, where he vexed our Illini twice a year. It's worth noting that Shurna has a few post moves, being six-foot-ten and all, but they're the kind of post moves that might work on 18-year-old freshmen from Peoria, but he wouldn't dare try in the NBA. Also, Shurna is a rather terrible defensive player, and, again, that was against 18-year-old freshmen from Peoria.

No, he is here solely to shoot, something he does extremely well. But holy cow, you have to see what his shot looks like. Check it out.

Seriously, that's how he shoots. It looks like he can barely get the ball in the air, like he requires both hands. If he were five-foot-ten, his shots would consistently be hitting people in the back of the head. We have no idea how in the world that shot could possibly work in the NBA, but we kind of love that the Knicks are curious to find out.

Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images