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NBA basketball player Carmelo Anthony attends the "A Year In A New York Minute" photo exhibition at Canoe Studios on September 26, 2012 in New York City.


Carmelo Anthony Really Wanted One of Tyson Chandler’s Photographs

On Wednesday night, Canoe Studios hosted "A Year in a New York Minute," an exhibition and charity silent auction of photographs taken by Tyson Chandler. Those in attendance — teammates like Amar'e Stoudemire and Jason Kidd were there, as was Knicks owner Jim Dolan, Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing, and Giants great Michael Strahan — spent the night sipping Ciroc cocktails and contemplating bidding on the prints, which included shots the center took during his travels in Africa and a portrait of former teammate Jeremy Lin. But one photo in particular caught the eye of Chandler's teammate Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony — the last guest to arrive —  entered into a ferocious bidding war for one of the prints, a shot of some children Chandler encountered while in Africa. As Anthony crossed out the name of the other bidder (David Seabrooke, the 59-year-old owner of Canoe Studios) and jotted down a higher bid next to his own name, I asked him what he liked about that photograph. "It says a lot, without even saying much," Anthony declared. I pressed him for more, but Melo simply repeated that the photo "says a lot."

When the bidding reached roughly $3,000, Anthony (who signed a $65 million contract extension upon getting traded to New York), asked Seabrooke, "Are you going to keep this going? Or are we good if I take this down?"

"We're good," said Seabrooke, who said he had his eye on other photos as well. "I'll just take another one."

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images