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Deron Williams #8 of the Brooklyn Nets poses for a portrait during Media Day on October 1, 2012 at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn Borough of New York, New York.


The Nets Are Totally Into Their New Digs

We had been feeling a little bad that we still hadn't been to Barclays Center since it opened — there haven't been any sporting events yet; our first visit will be October 15, for the first preseason game, against Washington — so this made us feel a little better: The Nets themselves only saw the place for the first time themselves yesterday. You won't believe this: They love it.

The Nets had a big shootaround/practice yesterday — fitting it in between the Jay-Z concerts last week and the Barbra Streisand concerts this week — and players like Deron Williams couldn't stop praising the place.

“It’s built for basketball,” point guard Deron Williams said, drawing a sharp contrast with the Newark arena, which he disdained. “It’s not built for hockey; it’s not built for soccer. It’s built for basketball. Like I said, when they thought about it, they thought about everything. They thought about the crowd reacting, and it’s just got a great feel. It’s almost like there’s no bad seats in the arena.”

Also, Kris Humphries said the arena was "class," and hey, if anyone would know, it'd be that guy.

The only minor concern was that some daylight — from the main concourse, which can be seen from the street — could make its way onto the court. According to Howard Beck of the Times, the arena will shut black curtains during day games, which would seem to defeat the point of having an open view from the street of the main concourse, but c'mon, enough with the picking of nits.

The Nets will have "two or three more times this month" to practice on the court before the season starts (along with three preseason games), which means that Jay-Z will have spent more time on the Nets home court than the Nets by the time the season starts. Depending on how many Jay-Z shows Carmelo Anthony went to, he will have spent more time there as well.

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images