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a grown man watching his video game play itself

Our PS3 Likes the Yankees in Four (Over Texas)

As tradition around these parts, now that it's playoff time, we ran every series through our PlayStation 3. This time, it's MLB 12 the Show, which has the most realistic representation of Chris Stewart's face you could possibly imagine. First off, we simulated the two Wild Card games today; the Rangers and the Braves won those. Then to the ALDS! The Yankees won the first two games in Texas, thanks, strangely, to three total homers from Andruw Jones. They lost game three but edged the Rangers 10-9 in game four to advance to the ALCS. According to the PS3, they will play the Oakland A's, who beat the Detroit Tigers in four games as well, in the ALCS. As always, we have a shaky cam video of our television as "highlights," after the jump.

There's a bug in MLB 12 the Show that sometimes chooses non sequitur highlights for their game wrap-up packages, which you'll notice here.