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NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 04:  David Wright #5 of the New York Mets reacts after flying out for the final out of the eighth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field on June 4, 2012 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)


Wright, Dickey Will Be Back ... for Now

The baseball season is, in fact, over, sad face, and the off-season is upon us. Of recent years, the Mets have been more known for their lack of moves rather than their moves, and even though historically speaking, this is usually a good thing for the Mets, it's providing cold comfort for their fans. Particularly because it looks like all the talent is moving out, and nothing is moving in. It means no Jason Bay ... but it means no Jose Reyes either.

Anyway, the Mets made their first no-brainer move of the off-season yesterday, picking up their options for the 2013 season. They'll pay Wright $16 million and Dickey $5 million. These are huge discounts on both — especially Dickey — and that means, of course, they can't last. Both players are free agents after this season, and the central question of the 2013 Mets season will be about what they do with each of them.

Wright is clearly the first priority. The franchise leader in just about every category is due the last big contract of his career, and reports say that the discussion begins at $100 million and will just soar from there. That would seem pricey for the, uh, cash-strapped Mets, but everyone insists that the Mets will do everything in their power to make that happen. Though they said that with Jose Reyes too: Noted Mets gadfly Howard Medgal warns one not to get one's hope up.

Dickey's even more shaky. He's going to be looking for the one big deal of his career and also might, you know, want to pitch for a winner at some point, being 38 and all. The Mets haven't even been talking with his reps, who are reportedly seeking $10 million a year for the next three years. That seems like a good deal to us, but then again, he is 38, and a knuckleballer, and also the Mets don't have much money; maybe you've heard.

They will be here, no matter what, at the beginning of the 2013 season. But if it begins to look like they can't get together on a deal — and Megdal is always the Cassandra here, reminding everyone of all the happy talk with Reyes that ended up going nowhere — you might not see them here at the end of that season. Let's hope this obvious picking up of their options isn't the last good news you hear about this. But it might be.

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images