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Your Yankees Postseason Schedule Is Out

Joba Chamberlain #62 of the New York Yankees celebrates winning the American League East Division Championship after their 14-2 win against the Boston Red Sox on October 3, 2012 at Yankee Stadium.

Mind you, we work in sports professionally, so we would sort of have to do this even if we hadn't been doing it this time every year for the last 25 years anyway, but: We're unable to plan a single thing in October until the postseason schedule comes out. It's just a whole month in limbo. For obsessive planners like ourselves, this is not an easy matter with which to abide. Fortunately: The schedule is out!

Now, the schedule doesn't have times yet, and there's always the possibility of rainouts — a particularly perilous prospect this season, when the schedule is so compressed — but on the whole, it's here. So let's dig into it, looking primarily at the Yankees games, so you know what nights not to plan events with your significant other.

First off, of course, are the wild-card play-in games tomorrow. The Braves host the Cardinals at 5 p.m., and the Rangers host the Orioles at 8:30. The winners of those games will play the Nationals and the Yankees, respectively. So let's take a look at those Yankees games.

There are no times yet, unfortunately, but the networks will almost certainly make the Yankees the prime-time game on every day they play, so expect a lot of 8:30 starts. And because they'll avoid a West Coast team in the ALDS, you shouldn't have to worry about a single 10 p.m. start or anything.

So, here are the days to siphon off from your friends and family:

ALDS Game One: Sunday, October 7
ALDS Game Two: Monday, October 8
ALDS Game Three: Wednesday, October 10 (Home Game)
ALDS Game Four: Thursday, October 11 (Home Game)
ALDS Game Five: Friday, October 12 (Home Game)

Not to get ahead of one's self, but here are the ALCS dates:

ALCS Game One: Saturday, October 13 (Home Game) (Note: Jayson Stark has already pointed out a scheduling problem with this game.)
ALCS Game Two: Sunday, October 14 (Home Game)
ALCS Game Three: Tuesday, October 16
ALCS Game Four: Wednesday, October 17
ALCS Game Five: Thursday, October 18
ALCS Game Six: Saturday, October 20
ALCS Game Seven: Sunday, October 21

It'll be a madhouse, like it is every October. Right now, though, Yankees fans can take a couple days to relax and watch other teams play. Then, on Sunday, it begins. We're not quite ready.

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images