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The Jets Stave Off the Reaper for One More Week

Bilal Powell #29 of the New York Jets rushes against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome on November 18, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri.

If the Jets have proven they can excel at anything, it's making certain that everyone is paying attention to them. A loss this week to the Rams would have been their fourth in a row, would have dropped them to 3-7, and would have made their Thanksgiving game against New England utterly pointless. And we can't have that!

After yet another week of turmoil, the Jets came out and played their best game in a month yesterday, pounding the Rams 27–13 yesterday in St. Louis. After giving up a touchdown on the first drive of the game, the Jets shut the Rams down and then played the way they've been wanting to play all season. They ran the ball all day, threw just enough to keep the defense honest, and strangled the opposing offense. If every team were the Rams, the Jets would be golden.

It was actually a nice day for Mark Sanchez, at a time when he desperately needed one. (Though considering how devoted Rex Ryan has become to him, maybe he didn't need one all that badly.) Sanchez was 15-of-20 passing — that's his best completion percentage in three years — and didn't turn the ball over once. That's the quarterback the Jets were planning on Sanchez turning into by this point in his career, and the one they so rarely have. Yesterday, though, they got him. It was also a great day for Bilal Powell, the third-down back whose emergence the Jets have been waiting on for a couple of years now. He had two touchdowns and is arguably the Jets' top offensive weapon. Which maybe isn't the best sign, but whatever.

The Jets are still the Jets, though, which meant more media ridiculousness after the game. Bart Scott, who isn't always the most consistent performer when it comes to the tricky realm of public consciousness, decided that he would lead a "media boycott" after the win, apparently blaming all media for the Daily News story about "terrible" Tim Tebow. (To be fair: Most reporters do look alike.) Amusingly, about five minutes after the "boycott," Scott gave a ton of interviews. As we wrote in the magazine this week, this is all a lot more fun when the Jets are winning. At 4-6, with one more loss (perhaps on Thankgiving night), no one will be around anymore to notice.

Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images