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The Knicks Are Going to Wear Orange Jerseys on Christmas, for Some Reason

Once upon a time, the Knicks wore green jerseys on St. Patrick's Day so that they could celebrate the patron saint of Ireland sell some merchandise. Then in 2009, they wore those green jerseys (with a snowflake patch added) against the Heat on Christmas Day, meaning the opposing teams that day were wearing red and green. Sorta dumb, but playful and festive enough. (They did the same thing a year later against the Bulls.) We mention this because, this year, the Knicks — and a bunch of other teams — will be wearing special jerseys on Christmas Day. They'd been leaked already, but now they've been officially unveiled. The Knicks' jersey is pictured here. It is orange.

On the one hand, we sort of appreciate that the NBA isn't even pretending these jerseys have anything to do with Christmas or that they're anything but an excuse to make a different jersey that they can sell. If done right, on a truly special occasion, that's okay. (For instance, the NHL's Winter Classic jerseys are pretty consistently excellent, and the occasion feels sufficiently important for a special uniform.) We're not sure, though, that playing in one of the five games on December 25 warrants an alternate jersey. (Via Uni Watch, there's been talk of teams wearing these jerseys for weekend games later in the season, but that wasn't mentioned in the Adidas press release announcing them.)

Oh, and unlike the Nets' Christmas Day jersey, which isn't drastically different from their regular road jersey (black-on-black instead of white-on-black), these Knicks' tops are pretty hideous-looking. There's that, too.