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The Nets Fight Their Way Through Boston

Rajon Rondo #9 of the Boston Celtics is helped up by teammate Paul Pierce #34 after being fouled in front of Kris Humphries #43 of the Brooklyn Nets during the game on November 28, 2012 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Obviously, the Nets were hopeful about their first season in Barclays Center, and there was some debate as to whether they'd be better than the Knicks, but we're not sure we saw anyone who reasonably thought they would be as good as they're playing right now. They certainly had no letdown last night after their overtime win over the Knicks on Monday: They had an even bigger win last night. Plus: fight!

The Nets bagged the Celtics 95-83 last night, in Boston, their fourth win in a row, the first to come on the road. In those last four games, they've beaten the Clippers (an ostensible title contender), the Trail Blazers (a team that's not horrible, though they looked it last night against Washington) and their two biggest rivals in the Atlantic Division, New York and Boston. They made it look pretty easy last night, though it is a little easier when there's a huge fight that costs your opponent their point guard.

Yep: Fight!

We're not experts in the fight game, but it looks to us like Kris Humphries was being an ass and Rajon Rondo totally overreacted in a ridiculous, emotional way. That jives with our personal beliefs about the two players, so let's go with that. It cost the Nets Humphries and Gerald Wallace (who already had a technical), but the key to the Nets has been their bench anyway. So that part: totally covered. The Nets honestly were never in much trouble in this game, and they're now 10-4, tied with the Knicks atop the Atlantic Division and still white-hot.

About that fight: Here's some fun postgame from Celtics guard Jason Terry about Humphries:

"Some guys are tough. Some guys pretend to be. He's one of those that pretends to be," said Terry. "I played with him (on the 2009-10 Dallas Mavericks). Maybe that's the role (head coach) Avery (Johnson) wants him to have, but he could leave that to somebody else."

As for Humphries, he didn't talk, but he did, amusingly, ask where he could get a Tetanus shot on Twitter. (Originally he misspelled "tetanus," but we'll give him that: That's a tough word.)

It's a Celtics-Nets rivalry, already. Very enjoyable. Particularly when the Nets have already beaten them twice. This division is gonna be so fun.

Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images