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new york city marathon

The Ordeal of the Marathon Cancellation Is Not Over

For those of us not invested in the New York City Marathon, the contentious, prolonged decision to cancel the event stopped being a story the moment the thing got canceled. For those actually involved, it hasn't stopped being a problem.

A piece in the Times today discusses the issues that still need sorting out almost a week after the cancellation of the marathon. For the most part, New York Road Runners executive Mary Wittenberg and plenty of Road Runners themselves have turned their attention to aiding the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

For some other folks, the cancellation is still a point of much ire. Some are leaving the Road Runners organization or calling for Wittenberg to be replaced as its leader. Others are in a financial pickle because of the race's pricy entry fee or their own fund-raising efforts. And, of course, there are plenty of advertisers who invested in the event but didn't get the publicity.

The upshot is that, amid all the relief work being done, Road Runners is trying to determine exactly how pissed off people are and why they're pissed, and it might take some time for all that to be addressed. It was never going to be as simple as just scratching the race and moving on with life.