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So the Jets’ Season Is Probably Over Now

Bruce Irvine #51, Jason Jones #90, and Leroy Hill #56 of the Seattle Seahawks sack quarterback Mark Sanchez #6 along with Bilal Powell #29 both of the New York Jets in the first quarter at CenturyLink Field on November 11, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. Seattle defeated New York 28-7.

At the beginning of the season, when ESPN was broadcasting live from Jets camp, when magazines were putting a backup quarterback on their cover, when everyone on the Jets was doing their typical "look at me!" thing, the Jets became the least popular team in the NFL. It became fashionable to cheer for their hype to implode, for them to collapse in a public, embarrassing way. Well: That has happened. That is still happening.

The Jets lost to the Seahawks 28-7 yesterday, and the game was as ugly as it sounds. The Jets kept it close into the third quarter, though that's being kind; it was more that it just took Seattle a little longer to score three times — which is all that was required — to put the game away. The Jets defense was moderately acceptable, but the Jets offense has reached its nadir. It's just terrible, and at the center of it is Mark Sanchez, who had his worst game of many bad games, going 9-for-22 for 124 yards and one interception and generally being loose with the football, inaccurate and bewildered. You got the sense that the Jets could have played eight quarters yesterday and not scored more than seven points. The only Jets touchdown came from the defense. It was a disaster in every way: To think that Jets fans thought Tony Sparano's hiring would be a good thing.

It was the worst Jets football has been since the Herman Edwards–Brooks Bollinger days. And it has Rex Ryan downright shaken.

"Obviously, that’s a brutal loss right there," Ryan said. "We had some opportunities, especially early in the game. We made some critical errors which we still thought we would be able to overcome in the second half. Obviously that wasn’t the case."

"Brutal" isn't the half of it. The Jets' dumpster fire on offense has reached, one would think, the level in which some sort of change would be necessary. Saying "Tim Tebow" sounds like you're just contributing to the hype monster the Jets are being devoured by, but at this point, with Sanchez playing so horribly and team falling apart, what do the Jets have to lose? They're 3-6 and near open rebellion. Can starting Tebow possibly hurt anything?

Apparently: Ryan says Sanchez is his man, hell or high water. It's definitely hell right now. This isn't entirely Sanchez's fault; the Jets offense is so full of problems they probably need eleven new starters rather than just one. But if Ryan isn't going to make a change now, when all the evidence would seem to support it, it's hard to imagine he ever will. Which means the Jets are just going to remain this unwatchable sort of bad. The Jets play in St. Louis next week, and then you get to watch them go through this on Thanksgiving against the Patriots. Now won't that be fun?

Photo: Kevin Casey/Getty Images