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These Knicks Poster Ads Aren’t Very Cool

Two games into the season, the Knicks — oddly enough — kind of sell themselves. They're playing beautiful, winning, drama-free basketball so far. Whether or not that will change remains to be seen, but what ought to change (and seems to be changing, thankfully) is the way this Knicks season has been advertised. For whatever reason, posters up around the city are promoting MSG with some unnecessarily hostile copy.

Most recently, people noticed an ad for "Friday Night Knicks" suggesting that viewers had the choice to "either see a Broadway harness malfunction or ... watch real men fly." Now, that's a pretty stale reference to those mishaps that occurred during Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark showings, and the poster's subject — Amar'e Stoudemire — isn't doing much flying these days, so that's barely even clever enough to be a serious affront. Meanwhile, this comes after a spot of ire a week or two ago regarding a similar poster belittling slam poetry (this is equally ironic, since the Knicks hosted poetry events for years and Iman Shumpert has himself dabbled). "Real men," "real artists" ... kinda gross, y'all.

Whatever the bizarre thinking behind these ads may have been, MSG representatives admitted their error to the Post and expressed an intention to take down the posters. Good. I love this team and couldn't be happier about the way they've been playing, but man ... this organization never ceases to find new ways to upset people.