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This Rangers-Affiliated, Ghostbusters-Themed Goalie Mask Is the Best

There is no NHL, but there is hockey, and there are occasionally cool things to be found in said hockey. Rangers goalie Cam Talbot is currently playing goalie for New York's AHL affiliate, the Connecticut Whale. In the grand tradition of sprucing up goalie masks, Talbot commissioned artist David Gunnarsson to custom-make him one of the best masks we've ever seen.

Gunnarsson's design for Talbot, found via Puck Daddy, is known as the "Ectoplasm Rocker," so you might know where this is going. It's a Ghostbusters tribute, featuring the Ghostbusters logo and the famous, menacing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on one side, with a blue-tinted Slimer, uh ... sliming the Rangers' Statue of Liberty logo on the other.

It is wonderful, and it just makes you want the Rangers to come back so that Talbot has some chance of working his way back up to the big league and bringing the helmet with him. And when that time comes, may I suggest that the customary water bottle be filled with Ecto Cooler?