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j.r. smith

Victor Cruz Did Not Find J.R. Smith’s Salsa Satisfactory

I know that headline might make it sound like J.R. Smith made inadequate Mexican food for Victor Cruz, so let's clear things up. Victor Cruz does the salsa when he scores a touchdown. We know this. It's great. What you may or may not have known is that Cruz and Smith are good friends dating back to the years they played A.A.U basketball together. They keep in touch, attend each other's games sometimes, and so forth.

So when J.R. concluded a thoroughly Smithian performance last night with a game-winning jumper, he paid tribute to his buddy with some dancin'. Judging by that replay, Pablo Prigioni was a huge fan of Smith's moves, but Cruz himself saw room for improvement:

“We’ve got to go to the drawing board a little bit,” he said. “It was a little stiff at the end, but we’ll get that squared away.”

All good. J.R. can step up his moves next time, although I kinda hope the Knicks don't need many more J.R. Smith game-winners this season.