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Baseball's National League Cy Young Award winner R. A. Dickey, of the New York Mets, demonstrates a knuckleball for students at Lipscomb University on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn.


R.A. Dickey Is Not Pleased With the Mets’ Latest Offer

We just discussed the waiting the Yankees are doing for a couple of free agents, but none of that compares to the prolonged tedium of the Mets' negotiations with R.A. Dickey. In this latest installment, the Mets — having knocked on every available door to see what they could get in a trade for Dickey — have circled back to him and his agent, and presented a new extension offer. The two-year, $20 million offer is still significantly below what Dickey and his agent feel he's worth, and Dickey made that clear today.

While participating in a holiday event for children affected by Hurricane Sandy, Dickey spoke to reporters and didn't mask his disappointment with the progress of the negotiations:

"In the context of the market, you want what you think is fair," Dickey said. "& I feel like we're asking for less than what's fair because that's how it's been for me. There is a surprise sometimes when things don't get done quickly and you already think you're extending the olive branch. At the same time, they have a budget they have to adhere to. I don't know those numbers. And I try not to take it personally."

Dickey also made it pretty clear that, should the two parties fail to agree and just let the final year of the current contract play out, he's unlikely to return thereafter:

"If that's the decision they feel like is best for the club, and that's the decision that they make, I feel like it would be unfortunate, because it probably is going to mean I'm not going to be back (in 2014)," Dickey said.

Rough. And kinda funny, too, given that John Franco was nearby, dressed up as Santa Claus. One never knows — there's still time for a compromise that pleases both parties — but in all likelihood, we're either looking at a trade or a very awkward 2013 if things go as they've gone.

Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP