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Jets’ QB Situation Is Gonna Be Worse Next Year

So yesterday Rex Ryan announced that Greg McElroy would be the starting quarterback for the Jets this Sunday, a tacit admission that every single decision the Jets have made at the quarterback position over the last six months has been a disaster. That ranges from: Extending Mark Sanchez's contract after flirting with Peyton Manning (without question the worst of all the decisions); bringing in Tim Tebow; using Tebow as a pseudo wildcat (but not really) but never giving him a chance at the quarterback position; keeping Sanchez in far too long; hiring Tony Sparano; not just having every play be a direct snap to Shonn Greene. But if you think this is the worst the Jets' QB madness can be, just wait.

There are three quarterbacks currently on the Jets' roster. One is McElroy, a career backup who openly admitted in training camp he was perfectly happy being a third-string QB. We know everyone enjoyed that electric 7–6 win over Arizona, but McElroy averaged 4.1 yards per attempt that game. The playcalling was one risk-step past "kneeling on every play." McElroy probably isn't a short-term option; he's definitely not a long-term one.

Then you have Tebow, whom Rex Ryan couldn't trust with the quarterback position less if he had no arms. Picking McElroy over Tebow is the ultimate insult — say what you will about Tebow, but he did lead a team to the playoffs last season and then win a game there — and it's tough to blame Tebow for subsequently demanding a trade. On one hand, bringing in Tebow was always a PR move for the franchise more than a football one; reading between the lines of every Ryan press conference will tell you that. On the other: The Jets have had some of the worst quarterback play in their history this season, and the one guy they haven't turned to is the Heisman Trophy winner who won a playoff game last year. The Tebow thing has been a disaster, and the one person you can't blame for it is Tebow.

And then there is Sanchez. Because of the franchise-crippling decision to extend him in the offs-eason — done because ... they didn't want to hurt his feelings? — he's getting $8.25 million next year no matter what. The Jets could eat that, of course, but boy, that's a lot of money to eat, all money that counts against the cap. Then again: Heading into next season with Sanchez as the starting quarterback is a great way to assure total and absolute mutiny from the fan base. There really aren't many top quarterbacks for the Jets to draft, so they could bring in a free agent to "compete" with Sanchez ... but Sanchez is so expensive that they couldn't afford any of the top guys like Alex Smith. Gary Myers of the Daily News, desperate to find somebody, floats a wild name: Michael Vick.

So there's that. Replacing Tim Tebow with Michael Vick for the right to outplay Mark Sanchez for a job that apparently Greg McElroy is best for in the next two weeks anyway. This is never going to end, is it? The good news is that the next two weeks, you don't have to watch.

Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images